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AC Drive, VFD & Inverter Drive Repairs

Amptron is a leading service provider for:
  • AC Drive Repairs

  • VFD Repair

  • Adjustable Speed Drive Repairs

  • Adjustable Frequency Drive Repairs

  • Inverter Drive Repairs

  • Soft Starter Repairs

A Variable Frequency Drive?

It is a device that converts a single or three phase fixed voltage and frequency to a variable three phase voltage and frequency used to operate an induction motor at any speed that suits a multitude of processes. Basically…it's just a converter. Converts AC to DC and DC back to three phase AC. Various names, an AC drive is known by:

  • VFD ( Variable Frequency Drive)

  • ASD ( Adjustable Speed Drive)

  • AFD ( Adjustable Frequency Drive)

  • AC Drive .. simply a VFD

  • Inverter…People call these VFD's…Inverters. The inverter is just part of the conversion.

Specifications of a Typical, Modern AC DriveControl

  • Open loop vector control

  • Speed or torque control

  • Speed reference input: 0-10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, (-10 to +10V SM-I/O Lite option)

  • 4 digital inputs- World (enable, run forward, run reverse, local/remote)- USA (not stop, run, jog, local/remote)

  • Switching frequency: 3 (default) – 6 – 12– 18 kHz

  • Output frequency 0 to 1500Hz

  • Accel and Decel ramps (linear and S type)

  • Positive logic control

  • Serial communication - Modbus RTU RS485 via RJ45 connector- Baud rate 4800, 9600, 19200or 38400 bits per second

  • DC injection braking as standard

  • Dynamic braking transistor as standard

  • Dynamic motor flux V/Hz for energy saving

  • Quadratic motor flux V/Hz for fan and pump optimization

An AC Drive consists of:

  • Rectifier Circuit or Input Circuit

  • Capacitor Bank

  • Inverter Circuit or Output Circuit

  • Control Circuit

  • Dynamic Brake Circuit

We, Amptron provide troubleshooting and repairs to a variety of AC Drives/VFDs and Soft Starters for major brands. This is a major part of our work as these are very common in an industrial manufacturing process.

Our technicians are fully trained and experienced in troubleshooting, fault finding and repairs to AC drives/VFDs. Furthermore, we stock a large inventory of electronic components like transistors, relays, IGBTs, diodes, rectifier bridges etc. plus many more.

We, at Amptron, repair AC Drives from following manufacturers:

  • ABB AC Drive Repair

  • AC Tech AC Drive Repair

  • Allen Bradley AC Drive Repair

  • Baldor AC Drive Repair

  • Danfoss AC Drive Repair

  • Fanuc AC Drive Repair

  • GE Fanuc AC Drive Repair

  • Fincor/Boston Gear AC Drive Repair

  • Indramat AC Drive Repair
  • KB Electronics A Drive Repair
  • Lenze AC Drie Repair
  • Magnetek AC Drive Repair
  • Mitsubishi AC Drive Repair
  • Modicon/AEG AC Drive Repair
  • Moog AC Drive Repair
  • Reliance AC Drive Repair
  • Robicon AC Drive Repair
  • Saftronics AC Drive Repair
  • SEM AC Drive Repair
  • Siemens AC Drive Repair
  • Square D AC Drive Repair
  • TB Woods AC Drive Repair
  • Tamagawa AC Drive Repair
  • Yaskawa AC Drive Repair
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