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DC Drive Repair, Soft Starter Repair, SCR Controller Repair

DC drives are widely used in applications that require regeneration, precise speed control, dynamic performance, and constant torque over wide speed ranges.

What does a DC drive do (internally)?

  • performs power conversion (AC to DC)

  • power amplification

  • sequencing of waveform signals

Types of DC drives:

  • Adjustable or Variable-speed control

  • Servo control: used for servomotors

  • Integral Motion Control: comprised of feedback and a controller

Types of DC drive interfaces:

  • Analog or Digital

  • Manual adjustments: potentiometers and dip switches for non-frequent tweaking

  • Interchangeable Module or EPROM: holds motor parameters to match a drive to a motor (and/or drive different motors)

  • Computer interfaces and self-test diagnostic options

Fundamental requirements of DC drives include:

  • Requirement of brushless DC motor: types include: sine wave, trapezoidal, hall sensor commutation, no sensor

  • Requirement of standard DC motor (with brushes)

  • Requirement of an amplifier

Fundamental operating specifications of DC drives include:

  • open loop control: uses a tachometer or other device to monitor motor speed as opposed to using position feedback to control motor.

  • positive feedback: uses position, force, or other feedback (in addition to speed sensors) to control motor -- this is also called closed-loop control.

  • tach or velocity module: gives direct feedback of motor speed

  • back EMF (BEMF) or voltage control: can run without a tachometer using, instead, the motor's back EMF voltage

  • torque or current control mode: allows constant current control, uses current feedback

  • switching frequency: used by drives that use pulse-width modulation (PWM)

  • bandwidth: frequency range in which the drive meets its accuracy specs. . Accuracy is diminshed at lower and lower frequencies unless the device is capable of dc response, and at higher frequencies near resonance and beyond, where its output response rolls off. Frequencies in the drive's database are usually the 3dB rolloff frequencies.

  • maximum speed: speed attained where there is no external load on the motor

  • continuous power: maximum power the drive can continuously output

  • continuous output voltage: maximum voltage the drive can continuously output

  • maximum continuous output current: maximum current the drive can continuously output (may require cooling)

  • peak output current: peak current the drive can output

  • operating temperature

Other important features to consider when looking for DC motor drives:

  • PWM switching: offer an output that is pulse width modulated or switching

  • dynamic braking: uses a shunt resistor or direct short across the armature to reduce mechanical energy

  • regenerative braking: converts mechanical energy back to electrical energy and transfers it back to the energy source. Example of such use may be found in hybrid automobiles

Amptron provides fast and economical repair alternatives to major DC Drives and Soft Starters. We repair DC drives to component level and our repairs are backed by our comprehensive one year warranty.

Click here to go our complete list of Supported DC Drive Repair Catalogue

Amptron techs will quickly find the reason for drive failure/fault and will promptly repair your drive within 3 to 5 days. Our RUSH repair service option allows for 3 to 48 hours turnaround time. Our DC Drive Repair Services include but are not limited to the following manufacturers:

  • Carotron DC Drive Repair

  • Cleveland Machine DC Drive Repair

  • Control Techniques DC Drive Repair

  • Dart Controls DC Drive Repair

  • Dayton DC Drive Repair

  • Emerson DC Drive Repair

  • Fincor DC Drive Repair

  • General Electric DC Drive Repair

  • KB Electronics DC Drive Repair

  • Leeson DC Drive Repair

  • Lenze DC Drive Repair

  • Minarik DC Drive Repair

  • Parametrics DC Drive Repair

  • Reliance DC Drive Repair

  • Saftronics DC Drive Repair

  • Seco DC Drive Repair

  • Siemens DC Drive Repair

  • Superior Electric DC Drive Repair

  • Warner Electric DC Drive Repair

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