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Encoder, Resolver Repair

 Encoder are key component of servo motion control and are constantly exposed to shock, dirt, vibration, and high temperatures that test their toughness. They can offer a variety of challenges to repair.  The problems could be electronics/physical in nature or else they could just be contaminated. The encoder repairs usually involve:

  • Replacing worn out or loose bearings/bushes
  • Repairing Loose contacts
  • Removing Dust/Dirt Contamination
  • Repairing/replacing damaged/burnt electronics parts
  • Replacing batteries
  • Overheating problems
  • Moisture problems

Rotary Encoders have a disk that creates the pulses that generate the feedback signal to the motor control.  If this disk is damaged, or has oil on it, then the pulses could be compromised.  The encoder pictured here has a metallic disk with evenly spaced holes that create the pulses of the feedback signal.  Often the disk is made of glass with a magnetic grid painted or embossed to it.  Damage to the disk is often not repairable and the encoder must be replaced.

Sometimes the repair is just a matter of carefully cleaning the disk and testing the encoder and at other times it may require repairs to electronics.

Amptron performs encoder repair on most manufacturers. The following is a list of the more popular encoder manufacturers we service and repair. If your encoder manufacturer is not shown here, it is very likely we can be of assistance.

  • Accu Coder

  • Allen Bradley

  • BEI

  • Danaher Motion

  • Dynapar,

  • FANUC,

  • Fincor,

  • GE Fanuc,

  • Heidenhain,

  • Renco,

  • Stegmann,

  • Sumtak,

  • Tamagawa,

  • Veeder Root,

  • Yaskawa

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