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Industrial Electronics and Printed Circuit Board Repair

The circuit boards of today are far more complex than they were even ten years ago. Rapid advances in technology have allowed electronic manufacturers to work with smaller and smaller components without sacrificing, and in many cases improving, speed and efficiency. However, with this added complexity and intricacy of their design, circuit boards have become more expensive, sensitive and difficult to repair. Repairing modern printed circuit boards has been likened to surgery, due to the complexity and high demands of the process.

However, circuit boards can, and should, be repaired when they are damaged. Additionally, for custom or specialty circuit boards, ordering replacements can take weeks, and when you're offering just-in-time manufacturing to your customers you can't afford to suffer production losses of that kind.

Repair Techs at Amptron perform repairs to component level for most types of single and double sided and multilayer PCBs. Both through hole and surface mount (SMD) components are tested in circuit where possible and out of circuit, using our vast range of latest specialized component testing equipment and diagnostics.

Software verification and back up is made where possible. We are also able to erase and blow many types of programmable IC's. Most types of components are economically sourced by our expert procurement team, utilizing our worldwide network of specialist suppliers.

Amptron provides full printed circuit board repair services with fast turnaround times so you can get your production back up and running with minimal downtime.

If you do not see the manufacturer of your Printed Circuit Board (PCB) or Industrial Electronic Control Unit in our LIST OF OEM MANUFACTURERS, don't get upset. We can most likely repair your defective Board/Unit. Call us at 1+800 504-9996 to talk to one of our electronic repair customer service reps for help.

Call now to speak to one of our Industrial Electronics and Printed Circuit Board Repair Customer Service Reps, 1+ 800 504-9996, or send your unit to Amptron for a Free Evaluation Today!

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  • Standard Repairs: 5 to 14 days Turnaround

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