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Industrial Monitor Repair, Industrial CRT Monitor Repair, Industrial LCD Monitor Repair, Industrial Monitor Display Repair

Amptron provides economical, reliable and fastIndustrial Monitor Repair as well as total refurbishment of industrial grade CRT monitors and LCD flat panel displays from low-resolution monochrome to high-resolution color. Our repair capabilities include picture tube or LCD screen replacement, touch screen repair/replacement integrated high voltage flyback transistor replacement, board and component level repairs, and full factory remanufacturing.
Our factory trained engineers and technicians repair analog and digital boards, power supplies, and touch screen systems. pcb repairs include thorough testing of all internal functions. We offer Free Evaluation & Repair Quotes ...meaning there is no charge for initial bench-time. If we are unable to fix the monitor or should you elect not to go forward with the repair pay us nothing. Our repair services include:

Basic Industrial Monitor Repair or CRT Monitor Repair

  • Replace all faulty or non-operational components (excluding CRT or LCD)
  • Evaluate and replace all "High-Failure-Rate" components
  • Thoroughly clean entire monitor unit
  • One year warranty on workmanship

Factory Monitor Remanufacturing Program

  • Replace faulty, dim and/or screen-burnt CRT or LCD with a brand new picture tube or LCD screen
  • Replace all faulty or non-operational components
  • Replace all "High-Failure-Rate" components
  • Replace integrated flyback Transformer if needed
  • Replace faulty or weak electrolytic capacitors and other ICs as needed
  • Thoroughly clean entire monitor
  • Repaint exterior casing, CRT bezel and front control panel
    as needed
  • Adjust convergence, color balance and all internal system
    controls back to the OEM specification
  • Complete 24-hour system testing
  • One year warranty on repaired unit

Retrofit Program

Our TFT LCD Retrofit Kits transform your aging CRT-based displays into a brand new, state-of-the-art TFT color LCD and video kit fitted display unit. The LCD system interfaces at the digital level, producing a crisp, clear picture. Our conversion system ensures that all features and capabilities of the old CRT display are preserved, including unique mechanical fit. Amptron can retrofit/convert any CRT based monitor to LCD technology, no matter the brand.

Call now to speak to one of our Industrial Monitor Repair, Industrial CRT Monitor Repair, Industrial LCD Monitor Repair, Industrial Monitor Display Repair Customer Service Reps, 1+ 800 504-9996, or send your unit to Amptron for a Free Evaluation Today!

24/7 Service -Call 1+ 800 504-9996

  • Rush Repairs: 3 to 48 Hours Turnaround
  • Priority Repairs: 2 to 5 days Turnaround
  • Standard Repairs: 5 to 14 days Turnaround

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Amptron Provides
  • 24/7 Service:
    Call: 1+ 800 504-9996
  • Free Evaluation/ Repair
  • Rush (3 Hours to 48 hours Repairs), Priority (Less than 5 days turnaround) & Standard (5 to 14 days turnaround)