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Industrial Timer Repair and Industrial Counter Repair

We repair many types of industrial electronic equipment, including Counters, Totalizers, Timers, Ionizers, loop controls, industrial weigh scales, message displays/annunciators and more.

Our repair technicians are highly trained, with many years of experience in industrial electronic repair. To further insure your complete satisfaction, every unit is dynamically load tested in a live environment for a minimum of 24 hours. Our sales staff is polite, efficient, and ever willing to ensure you receive quality service that you deserve. You've tried the rest, now try the best. Contact us at 1+800 564-996 for all of your industrial Timer/counter repair needs.

If you do not see the manufacturer of your Industrial Timer or Industrial Counter Unit in our LIST OF OEM MANUFACTURERS, don't get upset. We can most likely repair your defective Timer/Counter Unit. Call us at 1+800 504-9996 to talk to one of our electronic repair customer service reps for help.

Call now to speak to one of our Industrial Timer Repair and Industrial Counter Repair Customer Service Reps, 1+ 800 504-9996, or send your unit to Amptron for a Free Evaluation Today!

24/7 Service -Call 1+ 800 504-9996

  • Rush Repairs: 3 to 48 Hours Turnaround
  • Priority Repairs: 2 to 5 days Turnaround
  • Standard Repairs: 5 to 14 days Turnaround

Supported Industrial Timer and Industrial Counter Manufacturers

Call - 1+ 800 504-9996
Amptron Provides
  • 24/7 Service:
    Call: 1+ 800 504-9996
  • Free Evaluation/ Repair
  • Rush (3 Hours to 48 hours Repairs), Priority (Less than 5 days turnaround) & Standard (5 to 14 days turnaround)