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Light Curtain Repair

Light curtains are basically a screen of infrared light beams that form an invisible barrier. Light curtains provide for both safety of the operator and protection of equipment, such as robotic cells. Sometimes light curtains are also referred to as light screens or optical guards, either way they are used for safeguarding many hazardous situations. Protective light curtains provide a high level of safety if applied correctly to the application and conditions

We offer troubleshooting and repair of all types of industrial light curtains and opto-electronic safety equipment typically found in manufacturing processes.

Repair Technicians at Amptron perform extensive component level repairs, touching up solder traces, replacing bad components, as well as full testing of ICs, PALs, EPROMs, GALs and surface mounted components. Our technical staff will quickly find the reason for the fault or failure of the light curtain and advise you of your repair options.  Every Light Curtain Repair is subjected to dynamic function tests to verify successful repair and then backed by our one year repair warranty. Sealers and conformal coatings are re-applied as needed with each repair restoring your equipment back to its original OEM specs. Some of the popular brands of lights curtains we repair are:

  • Allen Bradley Light Curtain Repair
  • Banner light Curtain Repair
  • Datalogic Light Curtain Repair
  • Honeywell Light Curtain Repair
  • Rockford Safety Light Curtain Repair
  • Sick Light Curtain Repair
  • STI Light Curtain Repair
If your repairable unit is not listed, we can still help. Please call us at 1+800 504 9996 or email us at:

Click here to go our complete list of Supported Light Curtain Manufacturer List
Amptron Provides
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  • Free Evaluation/ Repair
  • Rush (3 Hours to 48 hours Repairs), Priority (Less than 5 days turnaround) & Standard (5 to 14 days turnaround)