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Our Repair Procedure

Amptron can repair most electronics units within a matter of one or two days. We return most RUSH servo motor repairs within 24 hours after receipt. We have repaired many electronics devices the same day we received them. Non availability of parts will normally extend the turnaround time by one to two days. We stock many electronic parts to help us repair the industrial electronic controls quickly and keep turnaround times to a minimum.
We, at Amptron offer repair estimates of over 300,000 items including AC/DC Drives, Servo Units, and Industrial automation electronic controls.

Upon receipt, the repairable unit  is photographed and logged in and Indentified for evaluation.
It is then evaluated to determine if the parts suspected of failure are available.

The customer is provided Turn a quote and chargeable work will not begin until you approve by /phone/fax/email.

Approvals are deemed obtained for ‘RUSH‘ and ‘PRIORITY‘ repairs

After approval parts are ordered the repaired item will usually ship in 5 to 14 days via UPS ground unless specified otherwise by the cutomer.

Also repaired units/items are quality control checked/load/stress tested & photographed prior to shipping

All items are double boxed to properly protect your product during shipment.

Flow chart of our Standard Operating Procedure for Repairs.

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Amptron Provides
  • 24/7 Service:
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  • Free Evaluation/ Repair
  • Rush (3 Hours to 48 hours Repairs), Priority (Less than 5 days turnaround) & Standard (5 to 14 days turnaround)