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Servo Drive/Amplifier/Controller Repair

A distinct feature of the Servo Drive is that it has a closed loop for the feedback (encoder/resolver/tacho sensor device to correct its output for precision motion control and accordingly it requires specialized electronics repair skills, knowledge and experience to repair these drives. Technicians at Amptron have aplenty of these by virtue of their training, exposure and experience in handling Servo Drive Repairs. Servo Drive can be:

  • AC Servo Drive

  • DC Servo Drive

The output devices in Servo Drive can be:

  • Silicon Control Rectrifiers (SCRs) for large pulses of power or

  • Transistrors (eg IGBTs) for smooth operation

Further the techniques to turn power on/off in output circuit are:

  • Linear – • Transistor always on • Amplitude of volts varied • High internal power dissipated
  • Power Width Modulation(PWN) - •Transistor either on or off • Amplitude of volts constant • Width of pulse varied • Low power dissipation
  • Power Frequency Modulation (PFM) - •Transistor either off or on • Amplitude of volts constant • Turn on time varied • Low power dissipation

The servo drive repairs, servo amplifier repair or servo controller repairs broadly involve: -

  • Servo Drive Input Circuit Repair

  • Servo Drive Control Circuit Repair

  • Servo Drive Firing/Output Circuit Repair

  • Servo Drive Feedback Circuit Repair

Our Servo Drive, Servo Amplifier and Servo Controller Repair Capabilities

Amptron is a leading player in Ac Servo Drives, DC Servo Drives, Servo Amplifiers and Servo Controllers. Our custom built rigs are capable of performing dynamic load testing on most servo drive systems. Our Servo Drive Repair lab has the capabilities of testing servo drives/servo units from a variety of manufacturers.

Some of the important ones are: -

  • ABB Servo Drive Repair
  • Aerotech Servo Drive Repair
  • Allen Bradley Servo Drive Repair
  • Baldor Servo Drive Repair
  • BBC Brown Boveri Servo Drive Repair
  • Baumuller Servo Drive Repair
  • Berger Lahr Servo Drive Repair
  • Cincinnati Milacron Servo Drive Repair
  • Compumotor Servo Drive Repair
  • Control Techniques Servo Drive Repair
  • Emerson Servo Drive Repair
  • Fanuc Servo Drive Repair
  • Gettys Servo Drive Repair
  • Indramat Servo Drive Repair
  • Lenze Servo Drive Repair
  • Okuma Servo Drive Repair
  • Pacific Scientific Servo Drive Repair
  • Siemens Servo Drive Repair
  • SSD Servo Drive Repair
  • Yaskawa Servo Drive Repair
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