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Servo Motor Repair, Stepper Motor Repair, Spindle Motor Repair

Ampeon will rebuild your servomotor, spindle motor or stepper motor to new specifications. Ampeon's test procedures are one of the best and most thorough in the industry. We:-

  • Test motors with actual servo drives/servo controllers.
  • Have Technical knowledge, expertise, test equipment to carry out successful repairs.
  • Have connector interfaces and test rigs to run test the motors before and after repairs
  • Have demagnetizing and magnetizing facility to ensure motor magnets produce correct torque. Our torque test and dynamometer test ensure that your motor will operate at the required torque amps when it is put on load.
  • Offer several repair options, from Rush, Priority to Standard repairs. As we are focused on repairs and every repair job from mechanical to electronics repair is done in-house plus there is coordination between all departments, we eliminate bottlenecks and provide an efficient flow for your repair thereby reducing the turnaround times to minimum.

Each rebuilt motor by Ampeon is checked to ensure that it conforms to the factory assembly tolerances, not just an industry norm for general purpose motors. Slippage is a common problem with brake motors. Every brake motor is torque tested after being rebuilt to ensure it holds at least the factory specified torque. Contact us about rebuilding your servo or spindle motor today!

Each servo motor, spindle motor or stepper motor is carefully evaluated by experienced technicians to determine if it is faulty. Motor Ke (back e.m.f.), brake torque, and encoders or resolvers are tested with a variety of diagnostic instruments. After disassembly and cleaning, the windings are checked with a digital surge tester, and DC hi-pot. If its motor winding failure, the old winding are carefully reverse engineered before being stripped with a mechanical stripping method that prevents any damage to the insulated core. Worn mechanical components are fabricated or re-furbished by our expert machinists. Our machine shop is fully equipped with lathes, mills, and precision grinding equipment.

Rotating components are precision balanced on our Schenck Trebel hard bearing balancing machines. New bearings, seals, and any other required parts are installed during assembly, and the feedback device are aligned and tested. Mechanical assembly tolerances such as shaft and flange runout are verified to be within factory tolerances.
In the end, motor is test run, checked for excessive noise or temperature, and vibration levels recorded. All test data becomes part of our database and is emailed to the customer upon request.

If you do not see the brand of your servo motor or spindle motor in our LIST OF OEM MANUFACTURERS, don't get upset. We can most likely repair your motor. Call us at 1+800 504-9996 to talk to one of our electronic repair customer service reps for help.

Call now to speak to one of our Servo Motor Repair, Stepper Motor Repair, Spindle Motor Repair Customer Service Reps, 1+ 800 504-9996, or send your unit to Ampeon for a Free Evaluation Today!

24/7 Service -Call 1+ 800 504-9996

  • Rush Repairs: 3 to 48 Hours Turnaround
  • Priority Repairs: 2 to 5 days Turnaround
  • Standard Repairs: 5 to 14 days Turnaround

Supported Servo Motor , Stepper Motor , Spindle Motor Manufacturers

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