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Turnaround Times & Standard Service Procedure

Rush and Priority Turnaround Times

To respond to the repair needs of our customers, Amptron has devised priorities of service turnaround times. These are:

Rush Repairs

This should be used in a customer machine breakdown situation where the repair needs to be back as soon as possible. We will take any action we deem necessary to repair the defective device/unit quickly so as to minimize customers’ equipment downtime and production loss. Extra steps include courier service for pickup and delivery, courier service to pick up non-stocked parts and components, after hours charges for rewinding and machine work if necessary, after hours charges for technicians, next day air early AM charges for new or repaired units, and after hours opening charges. All charges are considered to be pre-approved. There are 25% RUSH Repair charges added to the repair costs.

Amptron can repair most servo motors/ electronics devices/units within a matter of one or two days. We return most RUSH units/devices repairs within 24 hours after receipt. We have repaired many units the same day that we have received it. Non availability of electronics parts will normally extend the repair turnaround time by one to two days. We stock many electronics parts/encoders and resolvers to help us repair servo motors/devices quickly and keep turnaround times to a minimum. As stated earlier, there is an additional charge for this service as this is a 24 hour service.

Priority Repairs

This repair urgency should be resorted to when a customer needs the repair returned quickly (possibly for a backup)  and where the customer can spare a couple of days to have the servo motor/ electronics control unit repaired. We will work on the servo motor/ electronics control during business hours (8:30 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time) to ensure needed parts are ordered and shipped for next day delivery. The rush repair will continue to be considered urgent during business hours until the parts arrive. Every effort will be made to repair and test the servo motor/ electronics control unit by the close of business that day. If the repair cannot be completed that day, the repair will continue during normal business hours on the following day. There are nominal additional charges for this type of repair to cater for expedited charges. Subject to availability of parts, we routinely return the repaired items to our customers within 3 days on an average.

Standard Repairs

Standard repair turnaround time is between 5 to 14 working days. These are non time sensitive and operationally non critical repairs and customers can wait without being stressed. Again subject to availability of parts, we usually return the repaired items to our customers within 5 days on an average. If parts are needed for the repair, every effort will be made to obtain them as soon as possible. Standard repair charges apply to these repairs.

While rush repairs are welcomed, customers with no credit history with Amptron must prepay for estimated RUSH and PRIORITY repairs and expedited freight charges by VISA, MasterCard or Paypal unless other arrangements can be made.

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